[Steering] Happy New Year!

Cynthia Haynes cynthia.haynes at gmail.com
Sun Jan 23 17:12:28 MST 2011

Lennie and all,
    Jan and I wish you all a Happy New Year, too! And we¹re very sorry to
hear about your illness, Barbara, and send you our thoughts and prayers
during your treatment and recovery. Congratulations to Dr. Irvin!!!! We¹re
thrilled you have finished this chapter in your life and know that great new
beginnings await you! We continue to hope that the EnCore Consortium
thrives, but know that our ability to work on it ebbs and flows. Jan is up
for tenure next year, and has been consumed with completing his book. I¹m
helping with research and formatting, as well as a ton of other projects.
Happily, Jan learned that MIT Press offered him a contract for the book, so
he¹s hard a work on revisions due next month.
    Now for some other good news and some questions for you all. Last fall,
Markku Esklinen and Raine Koskimaa (editors of the Cybertext Yearbook for
the past 10 years) invited me and Jan to co-edit a sequel to our collection
of essays on MOOs (also 10 years ago), High Wired. The occasion will be the
10th year of Cybertext Yearbook, and the 10th year of the 2nd edition of
High Wired. The goal for the volume will be to revisit the role of Œtext¹ in
virtual worlds. While Second Life has of course introduced 3D graphics to
synchronous learning, to some extent it is nothing more than a MOO all grown
up. And while a few MOOs continue to thrive, and the technology keeps
working even as browsers and operating systems get updated, we think the
time has come to re-inject the scholarly conversation with another look at
educational MOOs in the context of the 21st century. We will be sending some
invitations to potential contributors soon.
    In conjunction with this volume, we want to hold a working symposium for
the contributors, as well as resurrect Lingua MOO later this spring. For
that we need funds. We are working on a grant application, but those funds
(if awarded) would not be received until next year. In the interim, we
wondered whether the Consortium is interested in contributing. If this is
possible, we would write a proposal to the Consortium. We would also like to
ask Dr. Lennie Irvin to both contribute to the High Wired sequel volume, and
attend the working symposium (dates to be determined). If not for your
generosity in seeding the Consortium from your family foundation, EnCore
would not have thrived for all these years beyond version 4.0. Both of these
goals, the book and symposium, would of course help to perpetuat the
Consortium. Please let us know your thoughts on these possibilities and

Best wishes,

Cynthia and Jan
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