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Mission Statement

The enCore Consortium seeks to coordinate and promote the open source development and distribution of the enCore Program.

Description and Purpose

The enCore Program represents the enCore MOO core and the enCore Xpress Graphical User Interface. This Consortium's focus is on the enCore Program and not general MOO development.

The enCore Consortium is a direct outgrowth of the enCore MOO Project started in 1997. The enCore Project has made significant progress in making MOO technology available to the average user by providing a modern graphical user interface. Much of the command-line functionality of text-based MOOs has been translated into a friendlier point-and-click interface common to modern computer applications. One of the enCore Consortium's goals is to continue the development of the enCore program, making MOO functions work more smoothly and powerfully in a web environment. With the help of the Consortium, enCore version 5 (see Download) has already made a quantum leap forward in achieving this goal.

Another goal of this Consortium is to improve the enCore program as an online educational learning environment. The Consortium will seek to make enCore equivalent in ease of use and breadth of function with other online educational tools such as Moodle, Blackboard, or WebCT, and to Learning Management software like Classfronter. These enhancements will be made while preserving the unique advantages of MOO contained within the enCore Program. Improvements already implemented in enCore version 5 include the development and enhancement of faster and easier tools for registering and managing student accounts, development of user-friendly educational objects, and the ability to view system and interface messages in a variety of languages.

The Consortium is currently a 501(c)3 tax-exempt non-profit corporation led by a Board of Directors. The Consortium recently received a grant from The Classical Association of the Atlantic States, which funded a Latin translation workshop that translated all the enCore system and interface messages into classical Latin (for more information, see the VRoma Project.


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