[Encore] Happy New Year and MOO Weather

Kevin Jepson kevijeps at telusplanet.net
Mon Jan 1 13:00:40 MST 2007

Happy New Year to all of the EnCore Family!
I hope the weather was good for you last night and you had a good start to
Speaking of weather...
If anybody is interested I have put a zip file containing the objects and
instructions for my MOO weather/climate system at the Barn. 
The file is: HYPERLINK "http://Weather%20system%20Beta1.zip"Weather system
If you want to try it out feel free to download the file and give it a run.
This is beta/experimental software so there are probably some nasty errors
and bugs, not to mention bad and inefficient code.  I don't think it can
cause real damage :-)
The readme.txt file in the archive has the instructions and I've included
the details of how the system works as well.
If you decide to try it out on your MOO please let me know.  I would be
happy to assist if my poor attempt at documentation is unclear.  
If you want to see this system in action check out the following objects at
my MOO (accessible via the web):
"http://seafarer.no-ip.biz:8888/272"http://seafarer.no-ip.biz:8888/272  A
Clifftop near a lighthouse.  Temperate Seacoast
"http://seafarer.no-ip.biz:8888/183"http://seafarer.no-ip.biz:8888/183  The
Sea.  Temperate zone  (The description changes depending on windspd based on
the Beaufort scale.)
"http://seafarer.no-ip.biz:8888/441"http://seafarer.no-ip.biz:8888/441  The
beach of a desert island. Tropical Seacoast
If you click on the Weather Bulletin objects you will get the full details
available to the system.
Comments, suggestions and critiques welcome as always.
Happy New Year to you and yours!
Kevin Jepson R.E.T.
4K Consulting Inc.                    
An't nanum hearm deth, doth hwaet ye willath.

PHONE: (403) 875-8372
Email: kevijeps at telusplanet.net


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