[Steering] Happy New Year!

Barbara F. McManus bmcman at optonline.net
Mon Jan 24 12:57:21 MST 2011

The Consortium has exactly $4,304.75 in the bank.  We would at least 
need to meet online as a Board to decide on a grant.

Cynthia, congratulations on the book and projected symposium.  You may 
be interested in an article I posted online, "The Nature of VRoma's 
Virtual Environment" 
<http://www.vroma.org/help/virtualenvironment.pdf>.  Also, Daniel Jung 
and I have an article on VRoma entitled "Romans Can't Carry Coins in 
their Togas" coming out in a volume of the proceedings of the 2009 Greek 
and Roman Games in the Computer Age conference. Best, Barbara

On 1/24/2011 1:31 PM, Lennie Irvin wrote:
> Hi Cynthia,
> Congrats on the new prospects for Lingua MOO and Highwired. That 
> sounds great.
> Barbara would know the details, but I believe we have something like 
> $4K left in our bank account. Not much. I don't believe we have funded 
> anything for a while, so I am interested in using these funds or a 
> part of them to help with your endeavors.
> The problem may be that our board has been dormant for so long that 
> its members many not truly be members. It may take reforming the board 
> for us to act in any sort of legitimate way.
> Lennie
> On Sun, Jan 23, 2011 at 6:12 PM, Cynthia Haynes 
> <cynthia.haynes at gmail.com <mailto:cynthia.haynes at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     Lennie and all,
>         Jan and I wish you all a Happy New Year, too! And we're very
>     sorry to hear about your illness, Barbara, and send you our
>     thoughts and prayers during your treatment and recovery.
>     Congratulations to Dr. Irvin!!!! We're thrilled you have finished
>     this chapter in your life and know that great new beginnings await
>     you! We continue to hope that the EnCore Consortium thrives, but
>     know that our ability to work on it ebbs and flows. Jan is up for
>     tenure next year, and has been consumed with completing his book.
>     I'm helping with research and formatting, as well as a ton of
>     other projects. Happily, Jan learned that MIT Press offered him a
>     contract for the book, so he's hard a work on revisions due next
>     month.
>         Now for some other good news and some questions for you all.
>     Last fall, Markku Esklinen and Raine Koskimaa (editors of the
>     Cybertext Yearbook for the past 10 years) invited me and Jan to
>     co-edit a sequel to our collection of essays on MOOs (also 10
>     years ago), /High Wired/. The occasion will be the 10th year of
>     Cybertext Yearbook, and the 10th year of the 2nd edition of /High
>     Wired/. The goal for the volume will be to revisit the role of
>     'text' in virtual worlds. While Second Life has of course
>     introduced 3D graphics to synchronous learning, to some extent it
>     is nothing more than a MOO all grown up. And while a few MOOs
>     continue to thrive, and the technology keeps working even as
>     browsers and operating systems get updated, we think the time has
>     come to re-inject the scholarly conversation with another look at
>     educational MOOs in the context of the 21st century. We will be
>     sending some invitations to potential contributors soon.
>         In conjunction with this volume, we want to hold a working
>     symposium for the contributors, as well as resurrect Lingua MOO
>     later this spring. For that we need funds. We are working on a
>     grant application, but those funds (if awarded) would not be
>     received until next year. In the interim, we wondered whether the
>     Consortium is interested in contributing. If this is possible, we
>     would write a proposal to the Consortium. We would also like to
>     ask Dr. Lennie Irvin to both contribute to the /High Wired/ sequel
>     volume, and attend the working symposium (dates to be determined).
>     If not for your generosity in seeding the Consortium from your
>     family foundation, EnCore would not have thrived for all these
>     years beyond version 4.0. Both of these goals, the book and
>     symposium, would of course help to perpetuat the Consortium.
>     Please let us know your thoughts on these possibilities and
>     opportunities.
>     Best wishes,
>     Cynthia and Jan
> -- 
> Lennie Irvin
> Assistant Professor, Dept. of English
> San Antonio College
> Co-Director, San Antonio Writing Project
> PhD in Tech Comm and Rhetoric, Texas Tech Univ.
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