[Steering] partial report from Usability Study

Lennie Irvin Lirvin at accdvm.accd.edu
Mon May 30 11:44:22 MDT 2005

Hi Everyone,

I have a partial report to make from the recent Usability Study conducted 
on enCore beta v5 in the last two weeks.  The usability study did not test 
most of the new changes Daniel has worked on(alas); however, it did test 
the basic usability of enCore, and I believe will offer some good feedback 
for where improvement in usability is needed.  Right now the finished 
version of the report is still being edited and streaming video clips of 
user's experience of problems is being included.  The finished report 
identifying specific problem areas with recommendations  may not be out for 
another two weeks.

Because I know you all are interested, I wanted to share the overarching 
finding we discovered that explains a lot of the usability issues enCore 
faces.  I ask that you look over the attachment I have sent and think about 
the insight into enCore that came out of this usability study. (The rest of 
my class members who conducted the usability test said it would be OK for 
me to share general findings from our test with you.)  Please share your 
impressions and reactions with the steering list.

I am most mindful of Daniel (and Jan) who have been the chief programmers 
of enCore.  Developing a computer application, like writing a composition, 
benefits from feedback, and I hope both Daniel and Jan realize that this 
feedback is meant in a constructive way.   Words don't describe the respect 
I have for their work, and I am hopeful that this kind of usability testing 
and feedback can help improve the program.


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