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Thanks Truna!
It was indeed a fabulous voyage.

I tried looking for hosting to do the same thing a year or so ago and
discovered that very few commercial services were willing to allow us to
open the ports. Which is understandable really as they have to protect their
other customers.

The resource requirements to run V4 of EnCore are pretty small frankly so
unless you are expecting hundreds of users at a time even a relatively low
powered windows box will have enough oomph to do the job. Winmoo works very
well for V4 no compiling necessary either. 

I have run 3 complete default v4 MOOs on my windows laptop when doing
coding. (1 Ghz processor with 1.5 GB of Ram)

The limiting factor is the web server not the MOO.

You can test it out for yourself using the preconfigured Winmoo and Encore
v4 MOO with the Eweb object browser, available at the Barn here:
Installation instructions are in the zip file.

When I got ashore in Grenada I actually loaded this up on my little Asus
EEEPC (800Mhz processor, 1GB ram, 4 GB HD) and was able to do some code
hacking when off watch :-) (strange how one wants such familiar things after
4 months on a ship when you've read every book in the library already).  The
EEEPC runs a customized Ubuntu Linux so I ended up running WinMOO under Wine
but it still worked literally out of the box.

I would suggest using a reasonably beefy Windows PC as the host and you
should be able to do a lot of development. You can even make it available on
the Net by just opening port 80 and whatever the two enCore ports you want
in your firewall. The only configuration issues are setting up IIS on
Windows but you can also use other lightweight freeware web servers for
development if you don't want to mess with M$'s clunky server.  

The big advantages to this is cost, if you already have spare windows PC
kicking around it's free, and the flexibility to do whatever you want with

For the security conscious you can lock the windows PC down so that there is
nothing running on it but the MOO and maybe an FTP server for uploading
image files for the WEB side of EnCore.

Just my 2cents worth.

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and welcome back from what looks like a fabulous voyage ( i clocked the news

one query and something that would be probably a useful resource on the barn
is the issue of hosting ... i am pretty sure there was a conversation about
this ages ago but i recall no solution ... perhaps someone has a better
memory than i ... very easy :)

i am looking to host our design moo (v4) somewhere other than its current
site ... there are some nice hosting deals that offer shell access but the
only one i can find that will allow the opening of extra ports costs extra

nothing i can find offers actual root access ... not surprising .. 

SO my question is this i guess: has anyone setup a v4 moo using virtual
hosting and what are the issues?

... i tried a dummy run on someone else's account and the first one seems to
be the initial setup and pathways ... altho that might be my rubbish grasp
on unix ...

anyways, any information / gossip / advice welcome ..

cheers love truna
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Ahoy Folks!
I have just posted a brief update at the Barn
I apologize for not doing much to update that site over the last year.
Being literally "At Sea" for the last 6 months has kind of put a crimp in my
Moo work :-) I have now "swallowed the anchor" as they say, so hopefully I
will be able to keep adding more content.
Which of course brings up the obvious question of...
Where do I get that content?
You can help me keep this enCore community resource a useful storehouse of
tricks, tools and information by sending me links, code or anything you
might think would be of interest to the enCore community.
While much of what is on the site currently is applicable to V3 and V4 of
enCore (and LambdaMOOs in general) I would like to start compiling similar
info for V5 as well.
I don't want to duplicate the offficial documentation at
http://lingo.uib.no/v5/ but if you have tricks or tools you've found useful
please send them along to me to share and I'll put them up at the Barn.

Kevin Jepson R.E.T.
4K Consulting Inc.
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