[Encore] Image Sizes

Daniel Jung jung at uib.no
Thu May 31 04:05:39 MDT 2007

Jean-Marc Giffin wrote:
> Thanks, but does that change the size for ALL images, 
> so that they are all the exact some width and height, 
> or does that only limit the size of the images? I wouldn't 
> want protrait images to go landscape and vice-versa!

I don't know if I got that right.

Please take a look at the source code of the produced HTML page. You 
will find the CSS block in the HTML head, and a DIV in the HTML body, 
provided there is a "visual url" on this object. This DIV has the 
class=objectVisual, and inside it, there is an IMG tag. The DIV along 
with the IMG are produced when the page is built; all you provide is one 
URL. The CSS is not produced, it is imported directly from the CSS 
property on that object.

In other words: The values you put inside the CSS block will ONLY be 
applicable to the one picture in the DIV.

Since moo object properties are inherited, defining, e.g., 100% width on 
the parent object will apply to all children, until changed there. You 
may or may not want that. v4 had 200px predefined for all objects. That 
is not the case any more. But then again, putting together the page has 
changed a whole lot too.

Defining 100% width on a single object will of course not do anything to 
the siblings nor the parents, neither will it have impact on any other 
image size of this single object than the one image in question ("visual 

There is only one picture allowed in the "visual url". If you want to 
put in a gallery, you may do so in the description property. There, you 
would have to put in IMG tags and define ALT. The size of those images 
may be defined in the IMG tags themselves, or in the CSS by using ID 
elements in the object description and assigning size values to them in 
the CSS block.

If this last paragraph sounded too cryptic, please ask again. Anyway, if 
any of this sounded incomprehensible or was not an answer to your 
question, please ask again.

Good luck
- Daniel

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