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Jean-Marc Giffin jean-marc.giffin at acadiau.ca
Mon May 28 06:30:01 MDT 2007

Hey Daniel!

Thank you very very much for that explanation! It was very clear and I understood all that you were talking about.
I guess my question now is, is it possible to update MOOtcan in such a way as to make it do what v5 does? As mentioned before, we've experienced a lot of glitches with the HTML chat... I'm not sure why, since I didn't notice them nearly as much in "High 5"... But since they exist, we found that going back to JAVA fixed a number of problems... except, of course, pages loading up in the right frame.

So, do you think it's possible for me to update MOOtcan in such a way to make it function similar to v5, or is there a way I can use v5 while still running MOOtcan?

Thanks again for your input- it's quite valuable and is helping solve problems much quicker!

Jean Of mArc
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