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Jean-Marc Giffin jean-marc.giffin at acadiau.ca
Thu May 24 12:05:01 MDT 2007


We've recently had to switch from enCore v5's HTML chat to JAVA, for many reasons, including that most of the time when I would use the HTML chat, I couldn't even move from room to room!

Anyway, this has lead to a problem with frames not working right. In particular, when you go to a new room, it loads up the player_frame in the web_frame, instead of where it should be. I think the problem has something to do with this:

When you get told (as in player:tell) a string with <   >. , it makes it a url instead and loads it up on the web_frame.
would load up google in the webside.

Anyway, what the MOO is trying to do is this:
player:tell("<http://www.google.ca player_frame>.");

Which should supposedly load up the URL in the frame specified... but it doesn't.

Does anyone know what interprets the URLS inputted into MOOtcan? Is it MOOtcan itself, or something on the server, or an enCore object? Where specifically is the process located, if at all accessible?

Thanks so much!
And a big thank you to Daniel Jung for all his help!!!

Jean Of mArc
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