[Encore] Sharing objects with Encore

Daniel Jung jung at uib.no
Sun May 20 03:17:39 MDT 2007

thorleif at glocalnet.net wrote:

> I'm wizard of a MOO-project in Stockholm University.
> I'm having problems to alloud sharing of objects in Encore.
> The "sharing" is limited to properties like name and
> perhaps som more aspect.
> How can i get full sharing of objects I created?
> How can programmers get full sharing of objects they created?
> Is this not possible?

This is not possible in moo.

The moo server holds a slot (property) "owner", which is always an 
object reference (either an existing object, or a $nothing), never a 
list. You would have to rewrite the whole system, and it would probably 
not be worth it.

However, in encore, there is an "emulation" of sharing. The GUI is build 
of wizardly verbs which can be accessed by non-wizards (under certain 
secure circumstances), and these verbs will act as if a wizard had 
initiated them, thus controlling the object. In other words, encore 
(throught the GUI) will let you control more than the moo server would.

With some properties on child objects being non-alterable (cf. 
permission bits/flags on properties in the manual), not even the owner 
(and/or creator) has the full control over every property, let alone 
fellow programmers.

- Daniel

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