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Jean-Marc Giffin jean-marc.giffin at acadiau.ca
Wed May 16 08:12:39 MDT 2007


I just switched from Encore 4 to Encore 5, so I might have a number of questions coming up. Here are some:

1. What are some easy ways to transfer objects over from 4 to 5, without the upgrade patch? I just want to transfer over some specific objects, not the whole thing, so that's why I don't want to do an upgrade. I tried @dump-ing an object, but that only set properties and verbs for an object that exists, it doesn't have the code to properly create the object and its verbs/properties first.

2. How do I get TraceBacks running again? In 4, whenever something went wrong, it would do a whole TraceBack .... thing of the errors so I could see what's going on. 5 doesn't seem to be doing that, which is really annoying, because then I have no idea what's actually going on...

3. Any quick way of putting the programming pages back to frames, like they used to be? I find the new way a little annoying- I set my editor_box_size to big, because there wasn't enough space before, but now whenever I load up a verb with more code, I have to keep scrolling down pretty far just to choose another verb or property... anyway to get it back to frames really quickly?

I'll have more questions I'm sure... That's it for now though!


Jean Of mArc
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