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Deborah Gill djg25 at psu.edu
Fri Jan 19 18:31:51 MST 2007

Hello all,

I am sorry to be bothering everyone once again with what is probably a basic fix, but here goes!  

World of Diversity is running in enCore 4.0.1 (I have an online course using it this semester and therefore haven't updated to v.5 yet).  There are two problems which students are encountering.  

1.  In Internet Explorer 6.0, students cannot hear any sound that is on pages (I have also logged on in Internet Explorer 6.0 and have encountered the same problem).  This is a new problem as the sound has always worked before.  The only change that I have made recently was the fix for the lefthand side not appearing in Internet Explorer 7.0.  Any ideas?

2.    In Internet Explorer 7.0, the problem is in the "chat" side.  A few lines will appear and then it stops working.  Approximately 5 lines of regular text will appear; if a page message is sent, nothing else appears after that.  Any ideas?

Thanks so much for any help that anyone can provide for me!  This is the first time I have tried to hold an entire class in World of Diversity for an entire semester, so we'll see what happens!

Best to all,


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